Was gifted a bag of tagliatelle ai porcini (porcini in the pasta dough) - what do you suggest I do with it?

I was gifted a bag of tagliatelle al porcini from Italy. Not sure what sort of sauce I should use or what I could add to it to make a delicious pasta dish. Suggestions would be very appreciated.

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ChefJune June 12, 2015
Ooh, you've scored a real winner! I love to make this with a light mushroom cream sauce. I use "assorted" mushrooms. And add plenty of chopped parsley or arugula to the sauce at the end.

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JulieS June 11, 2015
I would go very simple, EVOO and freshly grated Parmesan or a light cream sauce with sautéed porcini's or other mushrooms to layer the flavor, with just a splash of Marsala or Sherry to deglaze the mushrooms!
Alexandra V. June 11, 2015
ox tail ragu and percorino!
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