I was gifted a piece of honeycomb, and I have no idea what to do!

A friend of mine keeps bees, and gave me a nice chunk of honeycomb for my birthday. It's a beautiful gift and I'm very excited, the honey is delicious. I want to make sure I use this in something amazing, but I have no idea how one would use it! Suggestions, please!

Jesse Gallant


Rachel September 2, 2016
a few friends kept bees when I was growing up, and the most sublime way to enjoy honey was to cut the comb into small pieces and chew them. So delicious!!
cookbookchick September 1, 2016
I just spotted a recipe in the current issue of Saveur magazine that might interest you: Honeycomb-Einkorn Scones with Hazkenuts and Rosemary. It's featured in an article on baking breads with ancient grains. And yes, it incorporates pieces of honeycomb.
cookbookchick August 30, 2016
When I was a kid, I enjoyed chewing on the honeycomb..
aargersi August 30, 2016
I am also on team Just Eat It, you could add it to your cheese board - perhaps with some strong cheese and nuts, good bread, and minced herbs ...
amysarah August 30, 2016
Good honey drizzled on cheese - a blue (Gorgonzola, Stilton, etc.) or a rich triple creme - along with nuts and maybe a juicy sliced pear is my idea of a great dessert.
Susan W. August 29, 2016
I agree with Queen Sashy. Once in a while, I buy honey from the farmers market. I always go for the jar that has honeycomb in it. I love eating it with a spoon or laying a chunk on top of Ellenos Greek Yogurt which is sold in Seattle and Portland. I also like it on creamy cottage cheese or fresh ricotta. Swoon.
QueenSashy August 29, 2016
Personally, I would enjoy it just as is, a spoon or two in the morning with a glass of cold water. Or on top of nice thick cold yogurt. The simpler the better to let the flavor of the honey shine. Anything else would eat it up. It truly is a gift...
Smaug August 29, 2016
OK, cancel that comment- I had only read the condensed version of your question.
Smaug August 29, 2016
Someone with some experience will doubtless chime in, but I do seem to remember reading that honey was once commonly sold in the form of chunks of honeycomb- I think that you just use it as honey.
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