What are your favorite savory breakfasts from around the world?

I need some inspiration for savory breakfasts. Some mornings even the thought of eggs makes me feel ill. I'm also not keen on any sugar or bread in the morning (or I would be except my metabolism won't cooperate with croissants and jam.) This morning I had vegetable soup, which was delicious and reminded me or eating pho in Vietnam. What are some of your favorite breakfasts while traveling?

  • Posted by: lloreen
  • June 15, 2015


parash S. January 30, 2020
i am big foody but i do not like nonveg i am pure vegeterian.because becteria can creat a problem by any nonveg food.thanku for this post
i think nonveg is more protein symbol then the veg but sometime for the body cleaning we should eat veg and juic.thanku every one
702551 August 10, 2015
Since there are more Asians on this planet than anyone else, the mainstay of most breakfasts on this planet most definitely isn't a Western-centric one based on bread and eggs.

The most popular savory breakfasts on this planet is therefore rice with some veggies, and maybe a little bit of protein (beans, fish, meat). While the current younger generation of Japanese don't breakfast this way, previous generations ate natto (fermented soy beans) or had miso soup for breakfast.

Myself, I like eggs and bread, so I end up eating those quite frequently. Proteins and carbs are excellent breakfast items, and I typically add some sort of vegetable protein, typically refried beans. During the summer, I'm often topping my egg (never more than one) with some fresh homemade salsa, so it's really huevos rancheros.

If I were less keen on bread, I could easily swap it out with rice or tortillas. On a regular weekday morning, I don't have time to diddle with fresh potato preparations (like hash browns or potato pancakes), although microwaving previously boiled fingerling potatoes would be an option.

These days, I'm often including a small amount of probiotic vegetable on my breakfast plate, something like homemade kimchi or sauerkraut.

If you have a few moments, you could whip up a quick fried rice dish: leftover tofu or other protein (like fish), leftover stir-fried veggies, maybe a little kimchi, and of course, leftover rice.
sonya August 10, 2015
I'm stumped, because bread and eggs are the mainstay of most breakfasts around the world, unless you're thinking of meat like they do in some countries like Germany and the US. Italians and French will often have a very simple breakfast of a slice of bread dipped in either milk or coffee-with-milk, if you have a very light appetite for breakfast. Eliminating bread & sweets & egg-based dishes sort of cuts everything out that I've heard of - sounds like Asian countries would be your inspiration? Best of luck :)
ChefJune June 24, 2015
I like a lot of the items that have already been mentioned, such as congee, soup of many kinds, leftover pizza or risotto. But maybe my favorite is leftover Kreplach, with or without the accompanying chicken soup. Whenever I make thim I try to make more than needed so I can have them left over for breakfast.
Andrea N. June 23, 2015
You're a person after my own heart! Pho noodle soup is my breakfast of choice when I'm in Vietnam. I'm writing a pho cookbook so your comment and question tickles me to no end! Thank you, or as we say in Vietnamese, cam on.
Emily L. June 22, 2015
this sounds strange but I lived in Thailand for 7 months and waking up to spicy duck noodle soup is (just one) thing I really miss!
Valentina S. June 19, 2015
Here in Italy a lot of people might choose to have breakfast with a 'panino' (sandwich): try a combination of whole rye or spelt bread, fresh ricotta, tomato and marinated eggplants for an option that will surely cooperate with your metabolism :)
boulangere June 18, 2015
These potato cakes made from leftover mashed: https://thesolitarycook.wordpress.com/2012/03/15/wisemonas-potato-cakes/
Annie S. June 17, 2015
I lived in south India for three years and Masala Dosa was my favor breakfast. We traveled often on business and congee was always available on the menu in hotels where Japanese and Chinese business people stayed. When we would land in Amsterdam in the morning I would literally run to the sandwich stand and get an open faced shrimp sandwich. Living in India cured me of American breakfast routines.
Preena June 17, 2015
I should mention, the Dosa is more like a thin, crispy crepe which is cooked on a hot griddle. Another option which is easier to create at home is similar to a rice-based Dosa, but the batter is a thicker consistency like a pancake called Uttapam. Very delicious, it's topped off with red onions, cilantro, green chilies and sometimes red peppers and/or tomatoes. Another great breakfast option!
Preena June 17, 2015
You will HAVE TO try Masala Dosas -- rice pancakes, topped with a spicy lentil soup, Sambar topped with fresh coconut, curry leaves and cilantro. This lends a satisfying, savoury bite for breakfast or lunch. Yum!
Tashipluto June 16, 2015
Dosas or uttapam -- but they're not something you can whip up in the morning, unless you have a south Indian take-out place nearby.
PieceOfLayerCake June 16, 2015
I've done really unorthodox dosa with savory crepe and masala potatoes. Still delicious.
dinner A. June 17, 2015
Actually, several South Indian people I know say their families did make dosa for even a quick breakfast. It does require some advance prep -- they would make the dosa batter weekly, and keep it in the fridge for use each morning. You could prep a large batch of sambal in advance for saucing the dosas, as well as any filling (if you'd like to fill them; they're good just with sambal and chutneys as well).
Even easier, I've seen already-prepared dosa batter for sale in the refrigerated case in a small South Asian food store near me.
creamtea June 16, 2015
Shakshuka, or else my mother's Cal-Mex, tomato-ey Huevos Rancheros.
Exbruxelles June 16, 2015
I like smoked salmon for breakfast, with capers and a little cream cheese--with or without the bagel.

If I have a little time: Chilaquiles.
PieceOfLayerCake June 16, 2015
Yes! I can't believe I forgot smoked salmon! I like mine with some red onion, capers and dill. I generally slice my bagels thinly into thirds, toast them and skip the cream cheese in favor of a brush of olive oil....unless I'm feeling indulgent.
Niknud June 17, 2015
I say you go nuts and drizzle a little olive oil over the top of your cream cheese and smoked salmon (with toms, red onions and capers, natch). My grandfather taught me this when I was a little girl. Go big or go home, right?
Maedl June 16, 2015
One of my favorite breakfasts is farro pudding--much like rice pudding, but it is made with whole grains of farro and baked slowly in the oven for four hours. Because of the baking, it’s best in winter.

In summer, I love a bowl of whole fat yogurt, topped with assorted seeds and nuts, coconut, whatever fruits are in season and honey.
jessicamclement June 16, 2015
menemen! it does have eggs, but in a completely different format from the egg dishes seen in north america. you lightly sautée onions, green peppers (the long version), and tomatoes together. add salt and pepper. and then whisk an egg into the hot mixture and cook for a few minutes. you can add little red pepper flakes or herbs. it's served for breakfast in turkey (with bread), and i ate it everyday when i was in istanbul. it's really delicious! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menemen_(food)
creamtea June 16, 2015
Going to try this!
scruz June 16, 2015
i also feel the same about a traditional egg based breakfast (unless it is at midnight). what i do find i can handle are california roll sushi (you know the black seaweed rice with the avocado in the middle). there is something really stomach soothing about the combination of rice and avocado for me. also, i used to buy some wraps made of ham, cheese, lettuce and thin layer of cream cheese in whole wheat tortilla. it was like a chef salad and the saltiness of it appealed in the morning. you can also make with turkey or salami or other deli meat.
Sandra June 16, 2015
Savoury oatmeal. Steel cut oats, knob of butter, salt and pepper!
Garlic F. June 15, 2015
Soup of any kind! Ditto spicy noodle soup. Leftovers! Lasagna also makes an excellent breakfast. Basically, I don't think food should be categorized by meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc). Good food is still good any time of the day!
PieceOfLayerCake June 15, 2015
Congee with scallion, baby bok choy, sesame oil/toasted seeds, soy, grilled fish, peanuts, etc. I like a soft egg in mine, but that's perfectly optional.

I also like tacos with charred corn tortillas, potatoes, onions and chorizo, salsa verde, and black beans.
TobiT June 15, 2015
Avgolemono (sp?) soup! I love the tang of the lemon and rich eggy-chickeny broth. Great way to start the day.
Annie S. June 15, 2015
I really love congee. You can do so many things with it.
Meaghan F. June 15, 2015
Spicy noodles in broth never does me wrong, whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Also leftover pizza, cold or reheated... But usually cold, standing over the kitchen counter in my PJs while making coffee.
sexyLAMBCHOPx June 15, 2015
Broiled tomatoes.
Lisi32 June 15, 2015
I love risotto for breakfast. Kind of like porridge, but better!
Claire S. June 15, 2015
Full English breakfast is my favorite! But if you don't want eggs I actually just posted a recipe for a pared-down version without eggs http://handfulofsunshine.com/2015/06/15/half-english-breakfast/
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