Made too much pizza dough.. Par bake then freeze? I don' like freezing raw dough dosn't rise when cooked..

Any opinion, cooking time and temp will be helpful.

  • Posted by: Bryan
  • June 17, 2015


Nancy June 18, 2015
another idea, in addition to all the alternate baking uses...make it into a more or less continuous bread dough in your fridge, punching it down, adding more flour and liquid, carving off some for a loaf or pizza.
cookbookchick June 17, 2015
Bryan, a ChefJune is just trying to help, not criticize. She's a wonderfully generous cook and cooking teacher, and she took the time to respond to your request for help.
cookbookchick June 17, 2015
Typo: ChefJune, not "a" ChefJune..
Bryan June 17, 2015
Maybe not but if you tell me I'm doing something wrong and don't elaborate its not helping. I didn't find it helpful at all in fact I've tried what she said to before. It didn't turn out good better to just freeze the raw dough ball..
ChefJune June 17, 2015
I don't know what you're doing to the dough that it doesn't rise after freezing. I have never had that experience. I wouldn't bake it first. I would more likely put the toppings on it and then freeze it.... (like your own Di Giorno)
Bryan June 17, 2015
If you read the entire thread of comments I corrected that it doesn't rise as much. Not to my liking, I don't think I do anything wrong to the dough as you said. Rather than being so critical give me your dough recipe and I will compare.. Either way I realize its not going to be as good frozen than fresh. FYI frozen pizza crusts are par baked on your di giorno comment. You've done contradicted yourself...
PieceOfLayerCake June 17, 2015
Pizza dough can be made into some decent cinnamon rolls. They're not brioche, of course, but still yeasty and sweet. I just make a brown sugar, salt, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, orange zest, ground walnut and butter paste and smear it on, rolls it up, slice it and proof and bake like you would normal cinnamon rolls. Glazing is optional but I like good ole fashioned maple.
Nancy June 17, 2015
similar to Susan W idea, suggest making small (even smaller than the 8") pizzas to have as appetizers or as part of a first course so 2, 3, 4" diameter, with different fillings, bake, top, freezer, ready to defrost & bake. also, use for breakfast base...for fried eggs or other hot/runny morning main. last, make dessert pizzas.
Susan W. June 17, 2015
Bryan, I used to make and sell little 8" pizzas to a couple of high end grocery stores in my town. I par baked the crusts, cooled and then topped them, shrink wrapped and then delivered them. I often would take a couple of the crusts home and froze them for a quick dinner. I just looked in my recipe file, but can't find exact info on oven temp or time, but I am guessing 450f for ten minutes? You may have to play with that. You definitely want them par baked..not fully baked.
Susan W. June 17, 2015 be clear..I par baked and froze just the crust. If you wanted to add toppings, I strongly suggest you precook them. For example, if you want a sausage, red pepper and onion pizza, I would caramelize the onions and peppers and cook the sausage. Raw veggies put on a frozen pizza will turn into limp watery messes. I actually cook all of my vegetables for any pizza to prevent a soggy crust.

Also, my pizza crusts were not thin. I'd say one inch thick around the edges and a little thinner in the middle. If your crusts are thinner, they may only need 5-6 minutes of par baking.
Risty M. September 5, 2019
I realized this is a very old thread. I hope Susan can still receive this message. I am about to open a pizza place focus more on delivery. My husband and I will not be part of the daily operation nor knows how to make this. We are in the middle of deciding if, we will train our team to make our own crust, our find a supplier for a par baked dough. Does the quality of the crust noticeable since we par baked it, or not really. Also they offered to create a par baked dough with toppings already so it is faster for our crew. Thanks!
Melanie F. October 29, 2019
Hi Risty! I came here looking for some parbake info (we're testing some new recipes and I have theories, but looking for more info). We are a fully functional dough manufacturer, with a 360 program including training, support, etc. Have you already made your business decisions, or still working on them?
PieceOfLayerCake June 17, 2015
I'm surprised that you aren't successful with previously frozen dough. The rise may not be as complete, but it should be enough for something like pizza dough. I freeze yeasted doughs all the time, and they work.
Bryan June 17, 2015
Its ok never as good and doesn't rise enough to my liking. Calzones turn out good with frozen raw dough.
Garlic F. June 17, 2015
I just use the dough to make other stuff--calzones, bread sticks, garlic knots, pepperoni bread, focaccia, etc. I just use the same temp as pizza but adjust cooking times dependong on what you are making. The finished product can be frozen once cooled
Bryan June 17, 2015
Good idea. Do you think baking a pizza with no topping and half the time won't turn out? I really just want another pizza..
Garlic F. June 17, 2015
That should be fine. Just make sure it is completely cooled before you store it away
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