I just opened an unexpired Pomi brand strained tomatoes. The tomato puree is very dark(rust colored). Is it safe to use/eat?

Just opened two boxes (they are not cans) of Pomi brand strained tomatoes dated to expire 02/2016. Both boxes were a dark color, almost brown or rust color. Is it safe to eat?

The packs were not damaged, and both were colored the same. What risk is there of eating bad tomato sauce? How can I tell if it is actually bad? It's being used to make a quick marinara sauce. Thanks



Kate October 5, 2015
I had the same experience tonight. Dark, rusty brown. Because I started to pour the tomatoes directly into the dish I was cooking and not a bowl first, the entire one pot meal is ruined.

What a shock. I will contact them tomorrow but will never buy this product again.

I can find no damage to box and even filled the empty box with water to check for pinhole or crack but there is nothing to suggest box is damaged.

Have used Pomi strained & chopped tomatoes for years. The time, effort, and $ that went into this meal is a complete waste. It had to go down the disposal.

I had food poisoning twice in the last year. It is criminal that in 2015 food safety regulations still cannot protect the consumer.

Anyone ever determine if the tomatoes in the 2 boxes the other user asked about with this same issue were bad or good?
scruz June 21, 2015
that was supposed to be "tiny" puncture.

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scruz June 21, 2015
i would rather on the safe side and not use it. can you take the packages back? sometimes you can't see a potential time puncture that might have happened to the packages. call pomi on monday and let them know...they will appreciate it. save the packages for the lot/packing date numbers.
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