I have one night in San Francisco in October. Where should I eat?

I live on the East Coast and will only have one dinner there. Price is not a concern, I'm just looking for a can't miss meal in the city. I'm not looking for Napa recommendations or to travel out of the city. Thank you in advance. I'm also thinking of getting dim sum for lunch before I leave town if there is a good week day spot. Thanks for the ideas.



scruz July 4, 2015
i think from the answers i am getting it depends on how much you want to spend. being able to go to s.f. often we have started to look at the lesser known and priced restaurants, of which there are many and they can be excellent. sure, the surroundings might not be fancy, but then you can sometimes talk to s.f. residents who will turn you on to other beloved but little known places, such as koi palace for dim sum in nearby daly city.
mozie July 3, 2015
The roast chicken for two at Zuni cafe is one of the best meals I've ever had. It takes an hour, so you should order it as soon as you sit down, then get some of the great small plates and cocktails while you wait!
Exbruxelles July 3, 2015
If it's an occasion, Gary Danko is pretty perfect.
dinner A. July 2, 2015
Also, Burma Superstar has really knockout Burmese food in a cute but not fancy space (Inner Richmond). Go very early unless you're prepared for a long wait.
dinner A. July 2, 2015
Bar Tartine (a child of the much-loved Tartine Bakery) has spectacular food in a nice atmosphere, one of my most memorable meals in years.
Food O. July 1, 2015
Green's for gourmet vegetarian. Even carnivores will find a great dish there.
dazeyduke July 1, 2015
So many great sounding places I might just have to extend my stay. Thank you so much.
scruz July 1, 2015
wow, my computer changed stuff....it is sotto mare and outer richmond area.
scruz July 1, 2015
for old school, scoma's. tadich grill or john's grill (has a replica of the maltese falcon and killer drink called bloody brigid) or house of prime rib (get reservations). sear's near union square is outstanding. lots of great italian (motto mare for seafood or north beach restaurant) and lots of chinese mostly which are really reasonable such as r and g lounge (and if you have a car, look at the outer mission area in an old zagats for dim sum and hong kong lounge or shanghai dumpling king are recommended). look on trip advisor for a cuisine you might like...also, zagats had restaurants by area. so many great spots. wow, i'm hungry now.
AntoniaJames July 2, 2015
R & G, yes. Henry's Hunan, even better. Go to the one on Sacramento and sit at the counter behind the women cooking all of the meals to order in their giant woks. Order the Marty's Special or the Henry's Special. When I came to SF from NYC, the partner who was my mentor at the NY firm where I was an associate made me promise I'd go to Henry's. Best advice ever. ;o)
HalfPint July 3, 2015
Totally agree with the rec for Henry's Hunan and Marty's Special. But the real gem is the $6 lunch rice plate with the smoked ham & vegetables. They make their own smoked ham. It's the key ingredient in the Marty's special too. And they have the my favorite rendition of Kung Pao Chicken.
PieceOfLayerCake July 1, 2015
San Francisco has become a Mecca for wonderful bakeries/patisseries. You must stop by either Tartine, Craftsman and Wolves, b.patisserie or Knead. I've heard good things about flour + water, too. I'm so jealous!
AntoniaJames July 2, 2015
Hear, hear to all of those, and that a bakery stop is critical. Tartine has my vote. One of our Food52ers who lives in SF should be weighing in on this. I'll ping her to make sure she does. ;o)
dazeyduke July 1, 2015
I want to try them all! Thanks so much.
Dani July 1, 2015
What kind of food do you love? A few places I find unique to SF: Slanted Door, Nopalito, Coi, Californios, Benu, Pink Zebra (omakase), Commonwealth
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