I'm going to make this today! I have some beautiful just ripe freestone peaches and was wondering if I really need to peel them before halving. Th...


  • Posted by: Kare
  • July 13, 2015
Any Fruit Upside-Down Cake
Recipe question for: Any Fruit Upside-Down Cake


PieceOfLayerCake July 13, 2015
As in, you'd prefer to peel them after halving? Or you'd rather no peel them at all?
Kare July 13, 2015
Well, the recipe doesn't state whether or not to peel larger fruit, like apricots or in my case, peaches. So I'm just wondering if I need too or not, for the recipe to succeed. Thanks.
PieceOfLayerCake July 13, 2015
I suppose its preference, but I personally don't care for skins in baked goods so I would definitely peel them.
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