I want to add a crust to a crustless quiche recipe. Do I need to make any changes to the ingredients, in particular the 6 eggs &1/2 cup half-



sonya August 10, 2015
Rather than downsize the recipe, it would probably be easier just to pour any extra filling into any baking pan or container that looks like about the right size (ramekin on up). Sounds delicious!
Sam1148 July 20, 2015
Dang..that sounds wrong.

AFTER you blind bake the crust...and cool it. You add a bit of cheese to the bottom before filling with the egg/cheese/meat/veggie mixture.
NOT when you blind bake the crust.
Sam1148 July 20, 2015
6 eggs is what I use for a quiche.

Here are things you need to think about:
Make a crust yourself? Or buy a premade crust. If you make one yourself. Look up Vodka crust. http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2007/11/cooks-illustrated-foolproof-pie-dough-recipe.html
Half the recipe or make two (buy a pie tin).
Blind Bake the crust: This is pre baking the crust. You put foil and pie weight on the crust...(unfilled and vented with fork holes). and bake it without filling.
This makes a good barrier for liquid filling.
Put a bit of shredded cheese in first to further protect the bottom from soggy bottom.

And the most picky part...baking. It'll take about 45 mins for the filling of quiche to set up and cook through. The problem here is that the exposed edges of the pie will over cook. You can make strips of foil and crimp them around the edges to protect the pie. (or if you really like pie....get a "Pie Shield" from Amazon.

This might all sound daunting...but it's really very easy. You just need to know the physics of pie.
sexyLAMBCHOPx July 20, 2015
You could also make a crust with brown or wild rice.
PieceOfLayerCake July 20, 2015
Until I get a chance to upload my recipe, here's a very very good one: http://www.alexandracooks.com/2009/08/17/quiche-perfected-homemade-creme-fraiche-a-little-trip-to-tartine-bouchon-napa/ . You can put anything you want in there. I like to lightly sweat leeks in a little pad of butter then toss it with baby kale or arugula, dill and chives. Put the cooled filling in a par baked shell with the custard and voila.
ChefJune July 20, 2015
Depends upon the recipe. I have a couple where you don't make a separate crust, but with the ingredients in the quiche, a crust forms on the bottom as it bakes. Adding a crust to that would be redundant. What's your recipe?
Nancy July 20, 2015
Chef June - this recipe where the crust separates out by itself sounds very clever and easy. Is it on food52? and if not, will you please post it?
PieceOfLayerCake July 20, 2015
I'm just curious as to why you don't look for a traditional quiche recipe.
notuna4u July 20, 2015
I have never made quiche before, and I am making a meal for a cancer patient and her partner who can't eat meat in any form. Eggs and dairy are fine. Everyone else bringing meals has brought every kind of pasta dish. I wanted to bring something different, but also to add more substance (it's for dinner) to this recipe by adding crust. Since I have no experience making quiche, I am pretty recipe dependent. This recipe looks yummy, seems easy enough, and was meat free.
boulangere July 20, 2015
I suspect your ingredients are fine, but the baking time may be longer by 10 minutes or so.
Nancy July 20, 2015
No need to make changes unless your previous crustless quiche totally filled its baking pan.
if that was so and you now want to bake that custard with a crust, either use a larger diameter pan, or reduce the custard in volume.
If reducing and original used six eggs, take it down to five eggs & reduce other ingredients (milk or cream, etc.) by 1/6.
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