Quiche question

When making a mushroom, spinach and cheese quiche, do you mix these ingredients with your custard mixture and *then* pour into the crust? Or do you layer the add-ins into the crust *first* and then pour in the custard mixture? Does it matter??



LisaCooks January 30, 2014
Thanks everyone. I layered it into the bottom of the crust and poured over--beautifully integrated.
kimhw January 30, 2014
Are you cooking your spinach first? I leave my baby spinach raw, sautéed onions and mushrooms. I mix it all in the egg mix and poor. When I cook my spinach first I tend to get clumps of spinach.
Chef J. January 30, 2014
If you want even portions per item I would pour over (individual tartlet. If using a large single tart style shell you can mix it all together.
nashama January 30, 2014
I'm not sure it matters, especially if your recipe doesn't specify. I mostly fill in this order, though. A light layer of cheese, then my cooked veggies. Then fill with custard and a small sprinkle of cheese. It's always worked out for me.
Monita January 30, 2014
Usually you pour the custard over the rest of the ingredients
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