Saving Pickle Juice. What do you use it for?

I save pickle juice after we finish a jar of pickles. What uses to you use your pickle juice?

  • Posted by: Sam1148
  • July 20, 2015


Michele August 10, 2015
If you are going to reuse the juice for more pickles how long before they are good to eat?
Maedl August 4, 2015
You can add it to vinegar for marinating sauerbraten.
Niknud August 3, 2015
Bloody marys! In fact, I'll go to the deli counter and score some of the brine from the boar's head pickle jar for just that reason. I guess you could use it in rye bread or something but.....bloody mary's! Don't forget the sprinkling of celery seeds on top too.
Hillary R. August 2, 2015
Love all the answers so far. I second quick pickles, especially.

The secret to my tuna salad is a splash of pickle juice. Really kicks it up a notch!!
Kate August 1, 2015
Picklebacks! (Shot of whiskey, chased by a bite of pickle or sip of pickle juice..) Have fun ;)
Colleen S. July 26, 2015
I use as a salad dressing, to cook lentils, dump into soups, even to make bread. Not going to lie, I like to drink it straight up too!
tersher July 26, 2015
Or you could just drink it!
Justin P. July 25, 2015
Mom boils Brussels sprouts for 4 minutes then drowns them in the pickle juice. Delicious after only an hour in the fridge!
Susan W. July 25, 2015
Making more pickles. I do it all the time.
cookinginvictoria July 24, 2015
Potato salad, quickles, and vinaigrette (use for part or all of the acid) -- it's delicious!
drbabs July 23, 2015
I went to the first Food52 piglet party, and one of the vendors put pickle juice in a martini. It was interesting! (and good for pickle lovers like me.)
bugbitten July 23, 2015
Mom used the bread-and-butter pickle juice for church potato salad. Yum
boulangere July 22, 2015
A darn good Bloody Mary.
Nancy August 3, 2015
Nice idea!
This also makes me think of a "Dirty Martini"...
Bevi July 21, 2015
I use bread and butter pickle juice in dressing for cole slaw.
Meaghan F. July 21, 2015
I reuse it for quickles or vinaigrettes. Kind of intrigued by the "pickle juice popsicle" mentioned in another recent thread though.
Kristen W. July 21, 2015
I just added pickled cherry pepper pepper brine to a vinaigrette for a pasta salad yesterday - very tasty!
Sam1148 July 20, 2015
Mostly we use it to put in garden fresh cucumbers sliced up for 'quick pickles' for salads. And for adding to a brine for chicken soaked overnight. Then dipped in seasoned flour..seasoned butter milk..seasoned flour..repeat. rest it..fry it.
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