How do you make a "Cretan red sauce"?

Cretan cookbooks refer a lot to their famous "red sauce". But what is the recipe? Nobody says.

  • Posted by: Richard
  • July 21, 2015


boulangere July 26, 2015
Well, there you go, Richard. The recipe you found sounds wonderful.
Maedl July 24, 2015
I've been to that part of Crete and have taken several cooking programs on the island as well. I think the "famous red sauce" is the sauce described in your recipe--a basic tomato sauce with connamon and allspice added.
QueenSashy July 22, 2015
In Greek cuisine there is a concept of "kokkinisto", which means cooked in red sauce, with tomatoes as a base. I am not sure if that's the case here. Meats are often cooked "kokkinisto". I have seen many kokkinisto versions that involve tomatoes and red wine, and sometimes cinnamon...
Richard July 23, 2015
Thank you. Kokkinisto seems to fit the bill very well. I am happy to take that as a final answer.

Many thanks to all the people who helped in this search.

Now I will cook a kokkinisto recipe at the weekend.
Meaghan F. July 24, 2015
Please post it if you figure it out!! I'll be interested to see the finished product... I rely heavily on marinara in the colder months and this sounds like it could be a great alternative.
Cav July 22, 2015
I'd be interested to know if Cretan Red Sauce is actually famous, when googling the term brings up your question on this site on the first page of results and Cretan recipe sites don't mention it (admittedly I've only done a cursory probe into Cretan cuisine). They do mention various Tomato sauces though. I explicitly associate the term Red Sauce with Italian-American food, so I'm curious as to where you've found the term. Which cookbooks? Which cooks? Is it actually Cretan or a variation on Italian-American? (I find the transformations that immigrant foods in the USA go through to be fascinating as it creates a whole new cuisine).
Richard July 22, 2015
It is from restaurants and tavernas on Crete itself, in the area around Kissamos at the western end. It seems to be a mountain/hill/country thing. The menus include items with "red sauce" in their titles and the staff call it the "famous" Cretan red sauce. But I am beginning to think that you may be on to something - it clearly is not all that famous in a wider area.
inpatskitchen July 22, 2015
Can you give us a few recipes that use the sauce? It may be helpful in determining what's actually in it.
Richard July 22, 2015
Here is one. There are others where the ingredients are different but they always have tomatos and some other erd ingredient in them. No consistency even though it is "famous". Mystifying.

Greek Chicken with Red Sauce
Makes 8 servings

1/2 cup olive oil

1 large onion, roughly chopped

1 chicken (about 3 pounds), cut into serving pieces

1 cup red wine

2 cups fresh or canned chopped tomatoes

1 cinnamon stick

2 to 3 whole allspice berries

2 bay leaves

Salt and pepper
inpatskitchen July 22, 2015
I'm thinking it may be a basic Greek tomato sauce since the cuisines of Greece and Crete are so similar. Here's a link to a recipe:
And of course, there are many variations!
Nancy July 22, 2015
I was curious, googled and found nothing. Maybe write to one of the Crete or Greece tourist boards? to a Greek chef in the USA or UK?
Richard July 22, 2015
Thanks. I have written to the two tourist boards but no response at all. Good idea about the chefs. Will try that.
Meaghan F. July 22, 2015
I couldn't find any exact definition or recipes, but a quick google search showed a lot of jarred "Crete-style" sauces that appeared to be a mix of sun dried tomatoes, feta, and herbs.
Richard July 22, 2015
Meaghan, thanks for googling but I do not think that is quite it. I think the feta would not be an ingredient - I have never seen it recipes which include the red sauce. My guess is tomato, carrot and sweet red pepper. But the trouble is that is only a guess.
The thing is that it is not just a sauce that happens to be red; it is the "famous Cretan red sauce".
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