how do i make tomato sauce red

Lee-anne Capper


BerryBaby September 1, 2017
I made sauce out of a variety of different colored cherry size tomatoes. The sauce is orangey red.
Imogen August 31, 2017
Fresh tomatoes often make an orangey or light red sauce. Canned tomatoes make red sauce. Tomato paste will make any sauce more red, but too much will make it bitter.
BerryBaby August 31, 2017
What variety of tomato did you use? I make sauce out of yellow tomatoes or green or red. I don't add anything to change the color. I'll top the dish with parsley or basil and of course grated Parmesan. Different color sauces are interesting and fun IMO. BB
MMH August 30, 2017
Your sauce will roughly be the color of your tomatoes. Sometimes mine is more orange and sometimes more brown or red. It's nature & it's delicious. What is the color of your summer tomatoe Basil salad ? It's the color of your tomatoes at peak. Enjoy it. Taste it.
Nancy August 30, 2017
What's the issue?
Sauce too brownish red?
Use ripe red tomatoes.
For color and taste boost add (traditional in some recipes) red peppers and (unconventional, not too many) some beets.
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