I need recipe ideas for a no iodine diet. No salt, dairy or processed foods. I can use pickling salt.

This is for a cooking party for a friend who is having radiation treatment for thyroid cancer. Her prognosis is excellent!



Chuckanut July 26, 2015
I decided to make chicken potstickers, Nekisia Davis' Maple Granola, flour tortillas and bake her a loaf of sourdough bread. Thanks everyone!
Garlic F. July 23, 2015
I dont know how much iodine your friend can have but a lot of vegetables have a good amount in them as well. I've met a gentleman, who was allowed no iodine at all, who said the USDA has a list somewhere of foods with iodine. I have never looked, but it might be worth looking. I know some green vegetables have iodine, like kelp or cabbages.
Windischgirl July 22, 2015
Chicken Marsala over rice, with a green vegetable.
Lecso (Hungarian style stir fried tomatoes and peppers, seasoned with sweet and hot paprika), with sautéed boneless chunks of chicken as the protein, served over rice or accompanied by homemade Vienna bread.
Tabouli served with beef or lamb kebabs marinated in olive oil, lemon juice, and fresh herbs.
Windischgirl July 22, 2015
My daughter went through the same thing in the Spring of 2014....and she was vegetarian at the time--oy!
I made a big batch of veggie broth without salt; you could do the same with chicken or beef. It could then be used for soup, gravy, pasta sauce, or as the cooking water for grains.
I used "the flax egg" (chia works as well) to sub for egg in baked goods. Coconut oil subbed for butter in baking as well. I did lots of whole grains for protein. I tried nutritional yeast as a sub for Parmesan cheese; I liked it but she didn't... I even made fake mayo with a flax egg and non-iodized salt.
The thyroid cancer association has a downloadable cookbook which has many recipes; I used it as a starting point for my own recipes. You can find it at www.thyca.org
Also feel free to contact me off-list at [email protected] for more info
Nancy July 22, 2015
If you all like fish and have access to good fresh water fish, here are 2 ideas (can't put my hand on my old recipes, but here are similar recipes. They are all good. If you see salt or cream in the recipes, just omit; if you see butter, replace it with good olive or grapeseed oil)
1) baked fillets with a nut crust...give great taste and texture contrast.
2) slow-poached tuna in rosemary or other herb-infused oil, serve on rice or Tuscan (saltless per their tradition) bread

Enjoy your party!
PieceOfLayerCake July 22, 2015
I thought fish too, but apparently seafood is full of iodine. http://www.thyca.org/pap-fol/lowiodinediet/ Whodathunk.
Nancy July 22, 2015
POLC - thanks for catching that. I didn't know about the iodine in fish.
PieceOfLayerCake July 22, 2015
Unless salt is iodized, it doesn't have iodine in it....I never use iodized salt.

I also just looked up what constitutes an iodine-free diet and...wow....there isn't much. No soy, dairy, seafood, eggs, chocolate. I'd say just some good vegetable dishes with simple, lean meats. Perhaps a root vegetable curry, a summer vegetable risotto with pesto, I have a cuban pork roast that's to die for that I serve with black beans and rice, pastas, summer corn chowder, a street taco bar....I'm all over the place, and I'm not even sure if I'm helping!!
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