how well do these travel? looking for snacks to make ahead of a full day of travel next week but the instructions say to refrigerate - wondering i...

...f they would hold up in my carry on?

Emily Love
Oats and Quinoa Breakfast Bars
Recipe question for: Oats and Quinoa Breakfast Bars


Hi Emily - the bars won't spoil, but they will be soft. You can wrap them individually in plastic wrap and they'll travel better.
Emily L. July 27, 2015
thanks so much! was mainly concerned about them falling apart so I will be sure to wrap them individually!
702551 July 25, 2015
My guess is that travelling with this wouldn't be a big deal. Americans (especially the privileged, college-educated types) seem to get worked up about food spoilage despite the fact that a huge number of people on this planet still don't have modern refrigeration.

If you're really worried, don't put it in your carry-on bag. Put it in your checked luggage which will sit in a unheated, unpressurized cargo bay. Air temperature at normal cruising altitudes (~35,000 feet) are sub-freezing.
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