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I'm am looking for a commercial kitchen to rent full time for a baking business. All of the usual places are full with a wait list and/or are so expensive, it would cheaper to rent a storefront. As I am not at that level with my baking business yet, does anyone out there have suggestions on what to do. I make realistic 3D cakes, many of which, can take a full day to complete and need to be refrigerated so renting by the hour isn't an option. Thank you for any insight or ideas.

  • Posted by: Melissa
  • April 16, 2018


sexyLAMBCHOPx April 19, 2018
FWIW - My BIL rents out his , including after hours to a baker and makes good money doing so. You could walk around your area for small food stores and usually speak with the owner who most likely will be there working, Besides deli's try including pizzerias, coffee cafes and breakfast/lunch diner types. Also, try alternative "Italian" centers, Knights of Columbus and local clubs that have full kitchens.
sexyLAMBCHOPx April 19, 2018
BIL rents out his delicatessen.
Nancy April 18, 2018
Think of situations where someone has the space/equipment/time you need but doesn't use them.
Would they set up a shared-use arrangement with you, doing pastry early-ish and them serving bar snacks or light meals late-ish?
(I know of people who have built businesses this way.)
For example:
* a bar or restaurant open mainly or only late in the day (or only a few days a week) with more kitchen and refrigerator space than they use.
* a cooking school with more space than current curriculum needs.
Bevi April 17, 2018
Melissa, where are you located, or looking for space?
Melissa April 17, 2018
Oops! Forgot o add that. Los Angeles,CA
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