ISO a cookie recipe that will keep fresh for a week

I am going to an event in another state and am supposed to provide a snack on the fifth evening. There is no refrigeration. I am thinking about bringing some homemade cookies and am wondering if people have a recipe to share for a delicious cookie that will stay that way for a few days. Thank you!

  • Posted by: witloof
  • December 1, 2017


Mary C. December 2, 2017
Shortbread is my go-to for long lasting cookies. Ina Garten has a good recipe, as does Mark Bittman. There are so many variations to make the cookies a little more festive, like these suggestions!
witloof December 2, 2017
Those shortbread recipes look so good I'm afraid they'd never survive the journey! Thanks so much, I am definitely leaning towards the orange and the espresso chocolate variations.
Bridget December 1, 2017
Russian tea cakes/Mexican wedding cookies. Not only can they be made ahead by a few weeks, their flavor improves over time. This link also includes numerous other cookie recipes and how far in advance they can be made.
witloof December 2, 2017
Awesome, thank you!
702551 December 1, 2017

They are actually better with some age.
Nancy December 1, 2017
Biscotti, especially those made without butter.
Last a long time in air tight container, easily 2 weeks or more.
witloof December 2, 2017
Thank you!
Niknud December 1, 2017

This recipe by Mrs. Larkin is amaze-balls! But, if I want super soft chewy cookies that stay soft for days (which it sounds like you do), I tweak the recipe just a bit. Make the dough as directed (chill overnight or at least for a few hours to solidify the butter fats) but cook at 330 with racks on top and bottom thirds of the oven. After 7 minutes, rotate top to bottom, front to back. Cook for 6 minutes more. Cool on pans for 3 minutes then remove to a rack to finish cooling. Then just make sure you store them in a closed container. Nomnomnom!
witloof December 1, 2017
Mrs. Larkin {of COURSE} to the rescue! I have made these before and agree that they're completely awesome. They've never hung around long enough for me to know how long they keep. Thank you!
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