World Peace cookies--I don't have any sea salt or fleur de sel. Can table salt be subbed and how will this impact the cookie, or can I leave out the

salt completely? Will they not work at all or will they just taste like crap?

  • Posted by: barb48
  • December 19, 2015


cookbookchick December 20, 2015
And TJ Maxx, too.
Laura G. December 19, 2015
Marshalls carries the gourmet salts. lucky finds
702551 December 19, 2015
Do you have any kosher salt? That would be a better substitution than table salt.
Greenstuff December 19, 2015
I'd substitute rather than leave the salt out--some salt really adds to the taste of these cookies. And I wouldn't worry about the substitution too much, since the salt is incorporated into the cookie rather than sprinkled on top. I think it's more important that the cocoa power and chocolate are right.

Be sure you scroll through the comments--these cookies can be a little tricky. But worth it!
barb48 December 19, 2015
Thanks, I've been reading all of the comments here and elsewhere, so I'm hesitant about taking this on today, which is my "teacher gifts" baking day. Don't want a bad cookie to drop my kid's grade! May be better to go with something less finicky.
foofaraw December 19, 2015
I don't think substituting it will become a problem, though I would suggest this salt substitution guide in smitten kitchen
barb48 December 19, 2015
thanks, may use Deb's brownie cookie recipe instead.
foofaraw December 19, 2015
That brownie cookie does looks good! I have been contemplating whether I want to make it or not.
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