Really want to make those pumpkin caramels, but am wondering if the gray sea salt I have will work or if fleur de sel is worth the purchase. Thoughts?



innoabrd October 31, 2010
fleur de sel is much finer and flakier than a typical course grey sea salt. I think the grey salt has much more flavour, however. Frankly, I generally only use fleur de sel for filling salt cellars. If your recipe wants something flakier to go on top (?) you might find the fleur de sel works better, but if it's flavour your after, go grey!
laura_arenschield_graff October 29, 2010
Great -- thank you both so much for the answers! The salt I have is pretty coarse, so I think it should be okay .Was more wondering if there was a noticeable taste difference between fleur de sel and gray sea salt. Doesn't seem like there is. Thanks again!!
Jon P. October 29, 2010
Most high-quality salts are probably just fine. It's about getting a good salt flavor to go with the caramel and maintaining a texture intended by the recipe.
CaryNC October 29, 2010
I would say yes it should work since fleur de sel is sea salt and is typically grayish in color. I would just pay attention to how fine the grind is between what you have and what the recipe calls for.
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