Tomato sandwich - cheese on the side?

I'm making a lot of tomato sandwiches these days and they're perfect, but sometimes I think they could *maybe* be a little more perfect if I had some cheese on the side (not on them, and not mozzarella). What would go with them? They're pretty standard sandwiches -- whole wheat bread, mayo, mustard, basil, salt, and pepper.

  • Posted by: Kate
  • August 1, 2015


TobiT August 2, 2015
I like a sharp white cheddar or a creamy, pungent bleu like a cambazola. And I agree, on the side.
phyllis August 1, 2015
I love simplicity. Today I made three different tomato sandwiches each on toasted sour dough. First with goat cheese and tomato, second with avocado 'butter', and lastly with aged white cheddar. They were all delicious, but I liked them in the order I wrote.
Nancy August 1, 2015
Uh, it depends on what you like.
If no moldy or strong, none of them. But if yes, go crazy with the gorgonzola. Repeat and rinse.
See what's available at your local stores and markets and experiment.
And/or think of recipes you currently make with tomatoes and cheese - which of those combinations do you go back to most often?
scruz August 1, 2015
haha! i am about to go into the kitchen to make my cheesy tomato sandwich. i mix up grated cheeses with minced onion and some mayo (and sometimes i add a bit of vinaigrette) and spread it on a hollowed out roll (steak rolls or any thickish rolls will do) that i had put in the oven to crisp up. then, back in the oven and top with some fresh sliced tomatoes marinating in vinagrette and back in oven or broiler. with a salad, it is a quick meal.
702551 August 1, 2015
I actually think less is more. Because it's summer, I am often enjoying tomato toast as part of my breakfast. Tomato on a lightly buttered slice of toast (French-style pain au levain) with salt and pepper. Nothing more.

I cherish simplicity, especially when it relates to super fresh/seasonal ingredients, however I realize that I am not in the majority by saying so.
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