Canning tomatoes

Hi! I've been canning tomatoes for years, using both a waterbath and pressure canner. Today I put up 9 quarts using a pressure canner and for the first time ever had this experience: the jars are less full now than they were going in. I bubbled them before putting the lids/bands on and see no tomato juice or bits that escaped into the canner. What happened? I now have about an inch of headspace in each quart jar. The lid is tightly sealed, and the jars were in the pressure canner for 25 minutes at 11 PSI. Are these still safe to store/consume later? Thanks so much for any advice! Emily

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ktr August 2, 2015
They should be just fine to eat. Just store them without the bands on and double check the seals before you open each one.
em-i-lis August 2, 2015
Thank you, ktr!!!
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