Was making hard boiled eggs, and put the cover on the pot and let it sit for 10 minutes. Now the lid is stuck. Help? Is it going to explode?

Water was boiling when I put on the lid, then turned off the heat.

Brette Warshaw


luvcookbooks December 10, 2013
Hi, agree with Mrs. Larkin. The seal will loosen as it cools. June, I didn't realize that I didn't neeed to leave the cover on while the hard boiled eggs sit. Thanks!
ChefJune December 10, 2013
Brette: for future reference, the pot doesn't need a lid for the 10-minute sit.
Pegeen December 10, 2013
Assuming you took the pot off the heat before this... just set the pot in the sink and run cold water over the lid and pot, which will make the metal contract (shrink) and loosen the top.
healthierkitchen December 10, 2013
this might sound crazy but what about running the pot under lukewarm or cool water? Might release the seal? What ended up happening?
Maedl December 10, 2013
I don’t think anything will explode. I would let it sit until the pot is cool, though. If the lid isn’t loose by then, at least you won’t burn yourself when you pry the lid off.
mrslarkin December 10, 2013
i think once the water cools the seal will loosen. but i could be totally wrong, and you should have 911 on speed dial.
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