Urgent: making gazpacho, recipe says whole san marz. tom. drained & pureed. I have crushed. OK? or too much liquid?

making gazpacho, recipe calls for whole san marzano tomatoes drained and then pureed. I have crushed san Marzanos. OK to use? or too much liquid?

Liz Marson


Maedl August 5, 2015
It's tomato season! Use the fresh tomatoes for gazpacho now and save the canned tomato recipe for fall or spring.
Smaug August 4, 2015
It's soup, what's too much liquid? I'd worry more about the flavor of canned tomatoes uncooked- you'd be better off with good fresh tomatoes- ripeness is really more important than variety.
702551 August 4, 2015
Personally, I would strain the crushed tomatoes, set the separated liquid aside, and proceed. Toward the end, make the call if the reserved juice should be added back into the mixture.

It's not always possible to follow a recipe 100%, and it is up to the individual cook to adapt any given recipe to his or her purposes and/or preferences.
Caroline L. August 4, 2015
try draining out and reserving the liquid and puréeing the solids—and then adding back the reserved liquid until it's the consistency you like!
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