find Rick Bayless Tomatilla salsa

where can I find it in Hillsboro, Oregon

Anna M Perkins


Barbara S. August 6, 2015
I'm in the North Bay (above SF) and Safeway had it yesterday at 2/$7 dollars. Yes, it's really good. Check out the medium hot cilantro and jalapeno tomato salsa. Good stuff.
lapadia August 5, 2015
via the link SMSF provided or you could make it
selwynJ August 5, 2015
You can try Safeway
Susan W. August 5, 2015
Have you looked at Haggen or Safeway? I'm in Lake Oswego, but they both carry it. I think Zupans and New Seasons do as well. I've also heard that Trader Joe's carries a roasted tomatillo salsa that is excellent, but I haven't tried it yet.
Smaug August 5, 2015
Shouldn't be hard. You can get it from Amazon, I've seen it at Safeway.
SMSF August 5, 2015
You might check with the company that makes it
They might sell it on the website, too.
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