Can I freeze salsa verde like I would pesto?



pierino September 13, 2010
Morticia, I love it when you speak French. Gomez.
healthierkitchen September 13, 2010
Thanks for the advice! I guess I was thinking along the lines of another way of preserving all the herbs I have growing now that I won't have in a few months. Since I haven't yet made it (no spare quarts to worry about!) maybe I'll try a small test batch and report back.
Amanda H. September 13, 2010
On second thought, I agree with Pierino, if it's the Italian version, I wouldn't freeze it. It'll lose its joie de vivre.
pierino September 13, 2010
Now that I can see that you are talking about the Italian version of salsa verde, as opposed to the Mexican variety, I would be a bit skeptical about freezing it all. It's easy to make and its quality depends on its freshness. So unless you've already prepared like a quart of it....
healthierkitchen September 13, 2010
Thanks! I was thinking to just freeze the herb and oil mixture, but was wondering about capers, anchovies, etc.
Amanda H. September 12, 2010
The acid would turn everything black, I think.
TheWimpyVegetarian September 12, 2010
Good info! What would happen if you add the acids before freezing?
Amanda H. September 12, 2010
Yes, but I might hold off adding any acids to it before freezing.
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