Just wondering, Do you NEED to pasteurize homemade vinegar (by heating it) before consuming it?

I've read a lot about mother cultures and making vinegar, but I can't seem to clarify whether once you're vinegar has formed if you need to remove the mother and pasteurize it before storing and consuming it.

  • Posted by: Oisabi
  • August 7, 2015


Susan W. August 7, 2015
Raw vinegar certainly has more healthy benefits. My Brags ACV is raw and I don't need to rush to use it. I'd keep it in the fridge which impedes the growth of the mother.
jilhil August 7, 2015
If you don't pasteurize the vinegar you run the risk that mother will continue to form in the bottles and take them over. But, there's nothing inherently bad in the traces of mother, so if you plan to use the vinegar quickly there's no need to pasteurize.
Oisabi August 7, 2015
Brill, thanks a bunch! I was just concerned that if the bacteria continued to develop it would be unhealthy
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