When do I add the vanilla? Missed it and the cake is in the overnight, but question is for next time! Thanks for the recipe- LOVE cardamom!



702551 August 8, 2015
Add the liquid vanilla extract at the same time with the sugar to the beaten eggs.
PieceOfLayerCake August 8, 2015
In general, vanilla goes into a recipe with other liquid ingredients. If there's milk, yogurt, buttermilk or sour cream, I usually mix it in....in this recipe, mix it in with the eggs. Since vanilla doesn't contribute to the chemical structure of a recipe, it doesn't really matter when you toss it in as long as it incorporates.
Pat H. August 8, 2015
Thanks pieceoflayercake! The addition of vanilla was omitted from the instructions...wasn't sure if it was incorporated into the actual cake or the cloudberry/cream. Either way I'm about to cut into the cake - I'm sure it will be great!
Nancy August 8, 2015
you could incorporate the forgotten vanilla into the cloudberry cream, where it will add flavor and not really change texture/liquidity.
Pat H. August 8, 2015
Ha! Doubt it will make it overnight- meant oven!
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