Posting photos with recipes

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but is there a way to edit photos you've previously posted with a recipe - to either delete it, or simply change the order of multiple photos (i.e., make a certain photo the title/first one shown)? This has long stumped me, though I have a feeling the answer is right in front of me!



Panfusine August 19, 2015
It would be great to have a button that allowed you to assign one photograph as a 'cover' pic, so that it would show up on the search list as well as be the 'header' photograph when the recipe is opened up. Right now, there seems to be no control as to what shows up ( I've had pictures of a 'step' coming up first when I search for recipes)
inpatskitchen August 19, 2015
I know you can delete photos by hitting the "add photos" under your recipe. There will be an "X" next to the photo you want to delete. As far as arranging photos, I still haven't figured it out. Hopefully someone will come to the rescue!
amysarah August 19, 2015
Ah ha! Thanks. (Would help if that button were labeled Add/Delete Photos, or Manage Photos.) Probably the only way to re-order is to delete and start over....
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