How do I change the order of the pictures I post with a food52 recipe? The wrong one is always displayed.



Sagegreen March 10, 2011
Sometimes I wind up deleting an image I initially voted for, after I upload a later, better photo, so I can then click on it for the thumbs up. Then I upload the deleted photo again so it can still be viewed, but without the thumbs up. Usually other people do not use the thumbs up feature I have found.
MaryMaryCulinary March 10, 2011
Thanks--I had no idea what that thumbs up/down was for. I thought it was to 'like' my own photo, which seemed odd.
Kristen M. March 10, 2011
You can use the "thumbs up" button that appears below the recipe's main image to bump a particular photo up in the order.

Just be aware of a couple things: You can only vote once per image (up or down) and other members of food52 can also vote too. We plan to make this better, so that you have more control the order of your own photos, soon!

And if you want to see where the votes stand so that you can spend yours wisely, click "Add photo", then go to the Library tab.
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