Food plating classes / resources

I would like to improve my plating skills and looking for a class in New York City... Or any other resources that would be helpful (book, web, workshops, etc.). Many thanks!



Kristen M. August 21, 2015
Hi QueenSashy, I teach a Food52 food styling class here regularly at ICE, though there's a wait list -- it's a surprisingly popular subject. The best resources will depend on what your style is and what you'd like to accomplish. I haven't found books to be very helpful -- they're generally full of old stylists' tricks for making fake food for the camera (though I'd love to hear if others know better books than I've found). The best sources of inspiration for me have been places like Instagram, new cookbooks, Pinterest, food blogs, contributors to Food52 , and, of course, lots of trial and error1
QueenSashy August 22, 2015
Hi Kristen, yes I checked out the class and every time it was sold out... I have been using Pinterest and Instagram a lot, and these are wonderful resources, it is just that suddenly I crave a little bit of structured learning. I will be keeping an eye on the next class. Or perhaps, you guys can have a styling column here at Food52? :)
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