What do you do with patty pan squash? I need cooking/dish ideas.

I do not have an oven.



Nan August 25, 2015
Make Squash Butter, like zucchini butter
bigpan August 25, 2015
I cut the stems, cut in half, sautee in unsalted butter. Doesn't get much better. Keep it simple.
Nancy August 25, 2015
pickle them, if you like that flavor profile.
here are a bunch of recipes:
Kristen W. August 23, 2015
Oh, forgot you said you don't have an oven - well, never mind about the roasted stuff...:)
Nora August 25, 2015
I think that you could cook the stuffed squash in a covered braising pan, stove-top, with a small amount of liquid in the bottom of the pan. Check to be sure it doesn't get dry. You won't get browned topping, but cheese will melt.
Kristen W. August 23, 2015
You could sub it for summer squash or zucchini in just about anything you would use those vegetables in: quiche or frittata, gratins, on pasta, on pizza, stuffed, roasted on a roasted veg sandwich, simply sautéed with a little butter, etc. It's a very mild flavor, so I like it well-cooked (and if possible, caramelized) to bring out it's sweetness. I also think it pairs well with something green and herbaceous, like pesto.
Susan W. August 22, 2015
I keep it very simple and just lightly steam the squash and add butter, salt, pepper and sometimes parm. You might try a recipe search using the search function at the top of this page for something more complex. Be sure to choose "recipes" from the drop-down menu.
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