I'm cooking pork roast and chicken in the same oven at the same time for items total. at what temperature should I set the oven

And I need them to be fully cooked in 2 hrs. chickens are on the top rack pork is on the bottom and they all have vegetables in the pan

JessieandBill Herbert
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1 Comment

aargersi December 28, 2014
This is a tough question - how big a pork roast and how big a chicken? I think you will need to start to pork first, but typically you start pork on high heat (say, 425) then turn the oven down (225), which means a low and slow roast on the chicken which I have never tried ... but I just looked around a bit and found some where the chicken was roasted 1 hour covered and 1 hour uncovered at low heat. Make sure to check the temps on both to be sure they are done enough!
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