scrambled egg muffins turn out watery after freezing and reheating in microwave. when just eggs, ham and veggies are used.

I want the muffin to retain the moisture but not leak all over the microwave when i reheat them. Do I need to add some other ingredient to achieve this. Eggy water all over the office microwave is not fun for anyone. Buuut I want to keep it paleo so flour and cornmeal are out.

  • Posted by: Marco
  • August 24, 2015


Marco August 25, 2015
Update - I tried both a tablespoon of coconut flour in one batch and a tablespoon of flaxseed meal in another, and the results were pretty surprising. The Flaxseed one came out way better with holding its shape when it cooked and didnt deflate as much. Not sure about the water content issue as I just froze them, but I'll provide an update on that as well. I had a flaxseed one for breakfast and couldn't tell the difference so going to add that to my recipe from now on! Could someone comment on why that happened.
Susan W. August 25, 2015
Hopefully someone who knows for sure will chime in, but my guess is that it adds more structure. I did want to suggest you try one room temp to see how you like it. It could be the microwave is the culprit. I have always reheated them in my toaster oven.

Also, here is the recipe I was referring to. I forgot about the prosciutto, but I've made them without and they're still good. I've also changed up the ingredients depending what I have on hand.
Marco August 24, 2015
@Susan W, there is no real plan for this other than the Girlfriend is on a health kick of excluding grains from her diet, so labeling it as paleo is the best way to appease that. Those two starch suggestions sound like likely solutions - I'll give them a try. Thank you!
Susan W. August 24, 2015
Yeah, that will probably solve your issue. Just an fyi, I much prefer tapioca starch over coconut flour. Coconut flour absorbs too much liquid. Tapioca starch or flour is a little harder to find, but you can use it for many things. It's great for thickening sauces. I'll look for the recipe I used with success and post it here for you.
PieceOfLayerCake August 24, 2015
Other than the veggies breaking down during the freezing process, I can imagine most commercially made egg dishes have starches in their makeup to retain moisture. I can't think of a solution without suggesting cornstarch, potato starch or the like. Starches keep proteins from seizing up and expelling liquid. I don't know too much about paleo diets, but maybe you can find a "grain" that will help but also won't affect texture too much.
Susan W. August 24, 2015
Marco, which recipe are you following? I can't remember which one I've used, but I didn't have that problem. It was either Whole30, NomNom Paleo or Well Fed recipe. It may have included a little coconut flour or tapioca starch. If you link your recipe, it would be easier to help solve your problem.
Marco August 24, 2015
It is more of a self created recipe inspired by all of those, but essentially, it calls for
-Jumbo muffin tin that make 8 muffins
-10 eggs
-table spoon of oil
-2 cups of spinach diced
-2 cups of canadian bacon diced
- pinches of salt
Susan W. August 24, 2015
Are you doing a W30 or are you okay with adding one of the starches I mentioned. I seem to remember while I was on a W30, I was unhappy with egg muffins, but afterwards, adding tapioca starch solved my problem. If you're okay with a grainless starch, I can look around for the recipe I used. Also, spinach is very watery. Maybe sweet potatoes would help and you can have your greens in salad form or even just cooked separately and reheated.
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