How to prevent soggy reheated frozen quiche?

I have been making crustless quiches in muffin-tins (just egg, a little cream, sauteed veggies), baking, and then freezing them wrapped in saran wrap. Is there any way to keep them from getting soggy? I microwave them on low and they leek water and get kind of mushy. I know it would be better to gently reheat in the oven, but the idea is to have a fast breakfast and I don't have an extra half hour in the morning.



Sam1148 July 9, 2012
I actually prefer cold or room temp quiche.

Oh, I see you say their frozen. That's more difficult. Maybe defrosting them the night before and store in the 'fridge with paper towel wrap to soak up moisture.
Reiney July 9, 2012
Given your quiche is crustless, I'd look at the veggies as the culprit. Which ones are you using? How do you prep them? In particular, mushrooms and red peppers can become pretty watery if they're not cooked down enough (and even then red peppers could stand to be drained for several hours before adding to a quiche).

Also, are you cooling them thoroughly on a rack before wrapping & freezing?
Rachel S. July 9, 2012
Agreed. Tomatoes are also a culprit in watery egg-based dishes.
maryvelasquez July 9, 2012
Experiment by raising them up on an upside-down saucer or plate when you heat them so excess liquid runs away from the quiches. Also, you could try a lower setting with slightly longer cook time.
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