Is it possible to submit a recipe to two contests at once?

I submitted my recipe for "Moorish Zucchini" to the contest for "Best Middle Eastern Food" but would also like to submit it to "Best Zucchini or Squash" . These contests seem to be running sequentially.



amysarah August 25, 2015
If I understand your question, yes, the same recipe can be submitted to different contests. (As you say, requests for submissions are sequential, not concurrent.) You might notice that at the bottom of many recipes, it lists several contests into which the recipe has been entered (e.g., the soup I submitted to the current zucchini contest was previously entered in the Best Warm Weather Soup contest.)
inpatskitchen August 25, 2015
You may not be able to see the "edit" button on your Moorish Zucchini recipe since the Middle Eastern Contest is still in the testing phase. Contact the Editors at [email protected] and ask them to submit it if they can.
drbabs August 25, 2015
Contests are generally run one at a time. If you want to submit your zucchini recipe to the zucchini contest, click on "edit this recipe" on the recipe page, go to the bottom, and click on the contest button on the bottom.
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