what are your favorite ways to eat olives (and/or their brine)? share them! especially if you think the way you eat olives might be a little strange.

Caroline Lange


Jan W. August 27, 2015
Personally, I really enjoy oil/salt cured olives - especially from Greece or the Tanche ones from Nyons. I eat them as is most of the time, but also love them on pissaladière (as per this Food52 recipe https://food52.com/recipes/21987-pantry-pissaladiere - substitute kalamatas for oil- or salt cured olives). One of the most frequent recipes I use from here.
WileyP August 26, 2015
Olive cheese bread, a la Ree Drummond. I could eat that stuff for all three meals plus snacks!
caninechef August 26, 2015
I love cream cheese and olives, open faced on toast is good. Sliced olives in chicken or tuna salad.
amysarah August 26, 2015
It's hard to beat good olives just as they are, with a drink. But using them as an ingredient, one of my favorite things to cook and eat is Pasta Puttanesca.

We're very lucky to have a Guatemalan friend who makes us homemade tamales every Christmas (cooked in banana leaves) - sometimes they're filled with a mole-like sauce, chicken, raisins and olives. Profoundly delicious.

Egg salad, with chopped black olives and a little minced anchovy mixed in, on a sandwich with a thick slice of juicy tomato is heaven.

Haven't had one in years, but my mom used to make cream cheese and olive sandwiches occasionally, which I loved. She also did a duck braised with green olives for a few dinner parties, which I've always meant to make. Maybe I will now.
Lindsay-Jean H. August 26, 2015
Lauren Kelley turned me on to chopped black olive and mayo sandwiches, and I'm also a fan of chopped green olive and cream cheese sandwiches.
Nancy August 26, 2015
Tapenade, especially made with chopped almonds
Herbed or spiced marinated olives, as cocktail nibbles.
bigpan August 25, 2015
Sorry to spoil the other answers, but olives are grown specially for oil ... and martinis !

They are much more tasty when slightly warmed - when eating as a tapa snack (with some slices of chorizo).

As for tapanade, absolutely. My fav recipe is to include chopped sun dried tomato and a splash of balsamic....warm in a pot on the stove and serve on nice crusty bread while still warm.

And add chopped sun dried black olives to any pasta dish that has tomato sauce - does not work with seafood and cream sauces.

Spanish, Greek, Italian - all good when you by fresh from a good deli.
702551 August 25, 2015
Tapenade, hands down.

In distant second place is to enjoy them very simply with a glass of wine or cocktail as a snack.
Meaghan F. August 26, 2015
Actually not an olive fan ordinarily, but quality freshly-made tapenade is delicious.
inpatskitchen August 25, 2015
We make an olive burger...olives in the burger as well as in the topping:
PieceOfLayerCake August 25, 2015
I put olives in savory breads and scones all the time....a favorite of mine being a black olive, rosemary and feta, whole wheat scone.
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