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what are your favorite ways to eat olives (and/or their brine)? share them! especially if you think the way you eat olives might be a little strange.

asked by Caroline Lange almost 2 years ago
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PieceofLayerCake is a trusted source on baking.

added almost 2 years ago

I put olives in savory breads and scones all the time....a favorite of mine being a black olive, rosemary and feta, whole wheat scone.

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Pat is a trusted home cook.

added almost 2 years ago

We make an olive burger...olives in the burger as well as in the topping:

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added almost 2 years ago

Tapenade, hands down.

In distant second place is to enjoy them very simply with a glass of wine or cocktail as a snack.

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added almost 2 years ago

Actually not an olive fan ordinarily, but quality freshly-made tapenade is delicious.

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added almost 2 years ago

Sorry to spoil the other answers, but olives are grown specially for oil ... and martinis !

They are much more tasty when slightly warmed - when eating as a tapa snack (with some slices of chorizo).

As for tapanade, absolutely. My fav recipe is to include chopped sun dried tomato and a splash of balsamic....warm in a pot on the stove and serve on nice crusty bread while still warm.

And add chopped sun dried black olives to any pasta dish that has tomato sauce - does not work with seafood and cream sauces.

Spanish, Greek, Italian - all good when you by fresh from a good deli.

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Nancy is a trusted home cook.

added almost 2 years ago

Tapenade, especially made with chopped almonds
Herbed or spiced marinated olives, as cocktail nibbles.

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Lindsay-Jean Hard

Lindsay-Jean is a Contributing Writer & Editor at Food52.

added almost 2 years ago

Lauren Kelley turned me on to chopped black olive and mayo sandwiches, and I'm also a fan of chopped green olive and cream cheese sandwiches.

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amysarah is a trusted home cook.

added almost 2 years ago

It's hard to beat good olives just as they are, with a drink. But using them as an ingredient, one of my favorite things to cook and eat is Pasta Puttanesca.

We're very lucky to have a Guatemalan friend who makes us homemade tamales every Christmas (cooked in banana leaves) - sometimes they're filled with a mole-like sauce, chicken, raisins and olives. Profoundly delicious.

Egg salad, with chopped black olives and a little minced anchovy mixed in, on a sandwich with a thick slice of juicy tomato is heaven.

Haven't had one in years, but my mom used to make cream cheese and olive sandwiches occasionally, which I loved. She also did a duck braised with green olives for a few dinner parties, which I've always meant to make. Maybe I will now.

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added almost 2 years ago

I love cream cheese and olives, open faced on toast is good. Sliced olives in chicken or tuna salad.

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added almost 2 years ago

Olive cheese bread, a la Ree Drummond. I could eat that stuff for all three meals plus snacks!

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added almost 2 years ago

Personally, I really enjoy oil/salt cured olives - especially from Greece or the Tanche ones from Nyons. I eat them as is most of the time, but also love them on pissaladière (as per this Food52 recipe https://food52.com/recipes... - substitute kalamatas for oil- or salt cured olives). One of the most frequent recipes I use from here.

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