Olive brine question

I had some olives and almost all of the brine spilled out of the container (and into my bag). Should I try to replace the olive brine with another sort of solution? Or will the olives be okay without it?

Sarah Jampel


Sam1148 October 28, 2015
I sometimes buy feta in vac packs, and store them in a brine. I found the best ratio of that is 3 tablespoons of salt to 1 cup of water. That should work with olives.
Or to riff on the previous suggestion.
Buy some feta with brine and stuff the olives in the same container.
Panfusine October 28, 2015

Process the olives into a smoother version of tapenade along with feta and some oregano & use it as a filling for Parathas!
Ali S. October 28, 2015
Oh no!
Nancy October 28, 2015
right. or make some tapenade, to eat with your martinies.
Nancy October 28, 2015
martinis. no, I haven't started happy hour already.
just hit reply button too soon.
Niknud October 28, 2015
There's no judging here, Nancy. You go on with your bad self! :)
Stephanie October 29, 2015
And that is officially my new favorite invented spelling! Thanks for putting a silly grin on my face. Martinies, would those be shot glass sized? I am imagining "Fun sized" cocktails for the adult trick or treat crowd...
Niknud October 28, 2015
Depends on when you're planning on eating your olives. As a lover of the extremely dirty martini, I am sadly all too familiar with the shriveled up little guys that are left after my love for olives does not prove equal to my love for martinis. So if you're going to be holding on to them for a while, I would recommend getting some sort of liquid. A mixture of salt and water would work - that's basically all that olive brine is. A little oil would be ok too if you're feeling reckless. Or you're grocer might take pity on you and just give you some brine gratis. I've done that with the pickle barrel at the store (because I also love bloody marys more than I love pickles) and they've never charged me. I think if you're keeping the olives more than a day or two, I would get a replacement liquid. Or you could just make a whole stack of cream cheese and olive sandwiches - trust me, it's delicious! Sorry about your bag.
Sarah J. October 28, 2015
Extremely helpful. Thanks, Niknud!
cookbookchick October 28, 2015
Cream cheese and olive sandwiches! Thanks for the reminder. I got those in my lunch box when I was a kid but haven't thought about them in years. You're right, delicious!
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