Make-ahead kid breakfast ideas

School is starting and I am in a breakfast rut for the kids. I make overnight oats a few times a week. I am not home for kids breakfast and hubby does not cook. What else can we make ahead that he can serve? Bonus for egg recipes!



henandchicks September 1, 2015
At the weekend I make a little pan of "bread pudding"- just bread, any type, soaked in egg and milk, no sugar, baked. Served with fruit and a little jam or syrup. Seems decadent, but its just the same as eating an egg, fruit, toast with jam. Also, premeasure oats, spices, etc into little jars, and then microwave in a BIG bowl to avoid boilover, then eat out of said giant bowl. +1 quiche, +1 prefab crust, with a glass of juice. Anything in a frozen waffle is billed as a waffle sandwich or waffle taco- I also cook a pound of sausages during dinner one night, reheat 30 secs, fold in waffle. Peanut butter waffle sandwich- bonus, easy to take in car. Also, Cheerios.
Niknud September 1, 2015
I'm a big fan of the smoothie for breakfast. I'll usually do milk (cow, soy, almond, whatever), a banana (or whatever fruit is starting to go soft), a scoop of peanut butter and a square of dark chocolate (see kids, it's like dessert!). And I know, I know, but I'll throw in a raw egg sometimes. Then I just pop a frozen pancake in the toaster since I make a double batch on the weekends and breakfast is relatively painless.
Nancy August 28, 2015
Coincidentally, for both kids & adults, WSJ feature this week on what makes a classic breakfast sandwich.
burning-ice August 28, 2015
Nancy, my guess would be CARAMELISED onions... :-)
What do you think?
Nancy August 28, 2015
yes, burning-ice. caramelised onions sound good - and findable :)
kimhw August 27, 2015
My kids live on quiche. Winning mom tip, shred yellow squash and add to the quiche. Color stats the same and when you add ham and cheese(my kids fav) you don't taste it at all. Or have dr Seuss eggs, blender your eggs and spinach with chunks of ham. Other favorite combos, bacon and camel used onions, olives and feta, sundries tomatoes and goat cheese.
Also, we are busy moms, cheat! Buy the premade crusts. I make 2-3 quiche a week.
It takes 1-1:30 in the microwave to heat it up. My kids "cook" their own breakfast while I do my hair!
I forgot to make quiche, or we need a change, yogurt smoothies. I always have frozen fruit. Add a yogurt and blend. Add oats for texture and to keep them fuller longer.
Nancy August 28, 2015
kimhw - all this sounds really useful. But I confess I am most intrigued by "bacon and camel used onions"...what are they? can't even IMAGINE what autocorrect started out to fix. And where do you get them? ;)
kimhw August 28, 2015
Carmelized. Ugh. Autocorrect was not made for cooking terms.
soozbooz3 August 27, 2015
I cook a few packages of sausage every Sunday. takes seconds to re-heat in the morning (but i'm weird and like it cold with yellow mustard).
Fritattas/Quiches are great to keep on hand.
Hard boiled eggs chopped up on toast with a piece of cheese melted on top is far more delicious than it ought to be. Add bacon if you're lucky.
You can also make any breakfast burrito and freeze it, re-heat in microwave or oven as needed.
Smoked salmon makes a great breakfast. On toast with avocado or sliced cucumbers add a little cream cheese or goat cheese or butter if you're low on groceries. You could even make lox sandwiches ahead the night before and pull them out morning of. very NY of you.
sexyLAMBCHOPx August 27, 2015
My sisters boys love these Make-Ahead Egg Sandwiches before school/camp:

Also, do the kids like hard-boiled eggs?
HalfPint August 27, 2015
How about Korean steamed egg custard? You can probably get going before you leave in the morning.
PieceOfLayerCake August 27, 2015
You can actually soft boil eggs, keep them in the fridge (I just keep em in the carton), and then reheat them in simmering water for a minute. I like to stir one into congee, which incidentally, can also be made ahead. Some scallions and soy sauce to round it out. I don't have I'm not entirely sure if a child would like any of the things I just suggested but....there you go! :)

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Garlic F. August 27, 2015
I'm sure lots of Asian children love congee for breakfast :)
Nancy August 27, 2015
Agreeing with Susan W on eating anything at breakfast.
serve small portions of beef stew, etc, if they can stomach it and have enough appetite. Also gives them more of a protein boost than the average cereal+milk does.
Or introduce them early to that old college favorite - slice of cold pizza with a glass of milk.
Susan W. August 27, 2015
I got out of the typical "breakfast" for breakfast long ago, so I lean towards leftovers for breakfast. However, Quiche, frittatas and egg muffins are all delicious and easy to make ahead and reheat. It's also easy to fill them with veggies for a well rounded meal. Add a piece of fruit and your kids have a huge jumpstart on their nutritional day. Those are also good at room temp if your kids don't have a problem with that, so super easy for your husband.
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