Breakfast for 40

I'm cooking breakfast for about 30 people and I would like to make an egg dish. Any suggestions for a good recipe that's not too labor intensive?



FutureChef November 14, 2012
Tortilla espanola is always a good way to go. Plus the best part is leftovers!!! It's probably my best food memory from my summer in Spain even though it's basically the easiest thing ever. Leftover cold tortilla espanola served cold on a hit baguette. You could also serve it with broiled cotija cheese and chipotle-tomato salsa.
ATG117 November 14, 2012
A baked french toast or breakfast casserole would be my first suggestion too. Muffins, jazzed up greek yogurt (you can add honey, vanilla, zest, or a combo), served with fruit and homemade or good store bought granola.
darksideofthespoon November 13, 2012
I second the Fritatta! Easy to do up lots of variety for vegetarians or any other specialty diets!
hardlikearmour November 13, 2012
Find a good frittata recipe and cook it in muffin tins. You'll want to do a trial run to know how long to cook them, but other than that it's easy plus comes as a nicely sized portion.
Omeletta November 13, 2012
Can;t go wrong with a breakfast casserole, in my opinion. Just ready it the night before and pop it in the oven in the morning. They're usually pretty easy to scale up or down, depending on the crowd size. Here's a list of a few different ones from the Kitchn:
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