Pork cracklings

I've got some pork skin from the shoulder I'm roasting for Cuban sandwiches. Anyone have a good technique to make cracklings/chicharonnes ? Preferably in the oven instead of deep frying. There's so many different recipes out there...

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1 Comment

702551 August 27, 2015
If you have five minutes to spare, here's a video from PBS series "A Chef's Life":


that speaks way more than any written recipe. Just scroll to the 10:40 minute mark and hit play. The segment is just under five minutes long.

Basically, you don't do a quick deep fry. It takes hours to soften the meat and render the fat, a bit like pulled pork. You could undoubtedly do this on your stove, but in any case, low and slow is the way to go.

Good luck.
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