What is a good non-starchy vegetable side to go with pulled pork sandwiches?

someone else is bringing sweet potato fries



rldougherty November 15, 2011
The sandwiches were Memphis style so the cole slaw side was out. I decided on greens, but I did not want to add meat because I was short on time, even though I know chorizo and hamhocks are oh so good wtih them. I ended up doing balsamic glazed collard greens with dried cranberries and beets. It was heavenly and went oh so well with the really spicy pulled pork.
lorigoldsby November 14, 2011
I serve a broccoli slaw (mayo, white wine vinegar, and poppyseeds) and we always serve the sandwiches open face with slaw on top and pickles and onion on the side.
sdebrango November 14, 2011
That sounds so good lori, never did a broccoli slaw before sounds amazing,
lorigoldsby November 15, 2011
the broccoli slaw is great because you can make it a day (or even 2!) ahead and it does not "wilt" or get soggy as some finer shredded cabbage types of slaw can do...the crunch is amazing against the soft texture of the pork--we serve ours as "sliders" on the mini hawaiian bread rolls.
sdebrango November 15, 2011
I really want a pulled pork sandwich right now with your broccoli slaw. Sounds amazing I must try!! The sliders on the mini hawaiian rolls sounds perfect!!
hardlikearmour November 14, 2011
Also... do make aargersi's fabulous pickled onions - part of the barbacoa tacos recipe: http://www.food52.com/recipes/2731_barbacoa_beef_cheek_tacos
I'm with HAND on the greens. Check the recent green's side dish contest. I posted an easy (and yummy IMO) collards recipe in it: http://www.food52.com/recipes/14275_collards_chorizo
Helen's A. November 14, 2011
I'm of the BBQ school that puts the coleslaw ON the pulled pork sandwich, so I don't consider it a side. How about some collard greens cooked with a nice big ham hock..
sdebrango November 14, 2011
My all time favorite is a slaw, whether you do a standard cabbage and carrot or get creative. Its great with pulled pork.
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