Is sweet potato causing my upset stomach?

We had a long time of very hot weather (constant 35-40C outsie for at least 7-10 days), and the sweet potato was in a cell (when there was not significantly lower temperature, and no air/wind). When I took it out to prepare it, it was soft, but not mopdified in color, so it has not got mold on it or so. So I decided to prepare, just I as used to, on a little coconut oil.

Some hours after the meal I had a horrible reflux, and even if it was 5 days ago, my stomach is still not functioning well. I feel bad, bloating all the time.

Do you think it could be caused by the bad sweet potato I ate?
Thanks for all the help!!

  • Posted by: Neo3
  • September 4, 2015


boulangere September 5, 2015
With all due respect, Neo3, it doesn't sound as though you experienced "the smallest stomach ache." Rather, you had "a horrible reflux," and after 5 days your digestive system was still not functioning normally. I have to agree that this was perhaps the most appropriate venue for your question, when at best all anyone could respond was, "Maybe." Advice to seek medical treatment was entirely appropriate, and I hope you have.
boulangere September 5, 2015
Sorry, that this was perhaps NOT the most appropriate.....
Neo3 September 6, 2015
I guess the question has run it's course. The "maybe" is far better than the no ;)
Surely it caused me reflux for 1 day, and than bloating for the rest. And imageine, I am fine today!

So the answer is yes ;)

Have a nice day all, take care ;)
Susan W. September 6, 2015
Neo3 never asked for medical advice. They were asking a food safety question which was appropriate for this site.
Neo3 September 5, 2015
Thank you Susan for your help and support! :)
Neo3 September 5, 2015
I guess we are humans, asking each other about different topics, like health :)
If I would run to the doctor with the smallest stomach ache...
Susan W. September 5, 2015
You're actually never asked for medical advice. You asked the very appropriate question about whether the sweet potato kept at very warm temps could be the culprit. :)

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702551 September 4, 2015
I reiterate what others here have said: DO NOT ASK THE INTERNET FOR MEDICAL ADVICE.
Neo3 September 4, 2015
Thank you Susan, I understood you well - this is why I added I am not feeling worse or so. Just the same symptoms, but I guess after an indigestion it is normal.
Neo3 September 4, 2015
Thank you for your feedback! I am feeling right except the bloating after eating. Absolutely no vomiting or diarrhea, just the bloating and reflux symptoms.
Susan W. September 4, 2015
Just to be clear, I'm not qualified to give you medical advice and even if I was, you should not ask for it or take it from the internet. I also was not saying 5 more days, I was saying if your symptoms have been the same for 5 days, I'd have it checked out.
Susan W. September 4, 2015
It's nearly impossible to tell where food poisoning symptoms come from or whether it's a stomachs virus. If after 5 days, you are still feeling the effects, I'd have it checked out unless it's markedly better and you are able to eat and especially hold down fluids. I can tell you that while I'm tough when it comes to what I will eat and not eat, I would not have eaten that potato. It basically was slowly cooking at an unsafe temperature.
Cav September 4, 2015
Don't ask the internet, go to a doctor.
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