What's the best method for par boiling sweet potatoes so that they're not too soft?

James Durazzo


HalfPint September 3, 2013
I usually cook sweet potatoes in the microwave. Just until the outer part softens, but the inside is still firm/raw. Then I wrap spud in a clean towel and let it steam for about 10-15 minutes. I find this method results in a firm cooked potato (sweet or not) that's not wet mushy.
EMR September 3, 2013
Have you considered roasting the potatoes instead of par boiling? My method of getting a sweet potato that is firm on the outside and creamy on the inside is as follows: 1) peel and cut up sweet potatoes to desired (and uniform) size 2) soak pieces in cold water for 30 minutes or more 3) drain and dry potatoes well (I use a salad spinner and a towel to finish) 4) lightly toss potatoes in small amount of olive oil (1t for about 2 large potatoes) 5) roast potatoes on a cooling rack for about 20-25 minutes. I use my convection setting at 400 degrees. The potatoes are done when the pieces fall off a fork slowly. These potatoes can be eaten plain or added to your favorite recipe. They will keep for several days and can be eaten cold or reheated. Add whatever seasonings appeal to you at the moment; eg salt, pepper, paprika, Turkish seasonings etc.
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