Would someone please check the recipe for Ricotta Meatballs, they sound wonderful but I think the amount of meat may be incorrect,how much onion????



cookbookchick September 5, 2015
I contacted the author of this recipe through her Food52 profile page. Let's see what she says.
702551 September 5, 2015
When you find a discrepancy from a reader-provided recipe here at Food52 or anywhere else, the best thing to do is to first search the Internet to see if the recipe is posted elsewhere.

In this case, it is posted to the author zahlicious's own website. Here's what Google returned when I punched in "ricotta meatballs zahlicious.com."


One yellow onion is the amount called for the meatballs themselves.

Poor copy editing/proofing is a permanent problem with the Internet, especially for things like recipes. You should keep this in the back of your mind when you are browsing the Web.

Note that you always have the option of contacting the author of the original recipe. After all, they are the authority of the recipe in question.

Good luck.
sdebrango September 5, 2015
Thanks for that link cv, I see it is 2 cups meat. So that is correct. Good to know about the onion discrepancy.
sdebrango September 5, 2015
Hi Susan, no it say's 2 cups. I think it's just a mistake.
sdebrango September 5, 2015
I looked at the recipe and think it's possible it could be a typo. My guess is that it is 2 lbs. I could be wrong but when I make meatballs I always use 2 lbs of meat. I think it sounds great also. You can message the author of the recipe as Susan suggests or just try 2 lbs and see how it turns out.
sdebrango September 5, 2015
It is very easy to click on the wrong thing from the drop down list of measurements.
Susan W. September 5, 2015
Doesn't it say 2 lbs? Or did my eyes invent that?
Susan W. September 5, 2015
It calls for two onions. It's listed in the ingredients. Why do you think the meat amount is wrong? I saw your two comments on the recipe. We are responsible for editing our own recipes. The editors at Food52 have their own content, contests and other things to take care of. They are nice to let us post our own recipes here. If I were you, I'd find another meatball recipe. Maybe one that others have tried and commented on. Or, maybe try sending the author a message. Just click on the name, go to their profile page and click on the envelope to send a message. It will go to their email account that they have registered here.
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