If a recipe calls for a sauteed shallot and you dont have 1-What can you substitute?

It is my own recipe for pork scallopini in a white wine cream sauce. It was PERFECT and my husband wants it again, but I am waiting for holiday deliveries and wrapping presents and don't want to go to the market to get a shallot. Wondering what combination of onion and garlic I should use to try and duplicate the taste? I have both a yellow onion and a sweet onion. Which one should I use and how much garlic per 1/2 diced onion should I use?

Christine Vichi


kim December 19, 2017
I've used white onion and I've also used Egyptian Walking Onion as a substitute.

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Lindsay-Jean H. December 19, 2017
I'd use the yellow onion, but honestly, either one would be fine, especially since it's such a small amount (we tend to assume 1 medium shallot is about 2 tablespoons finely chopped) and only add in garlic if you just felt like the recipe could use/benefit from garlic.
Christine V. December 19, 2017
thank you
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