What to do with 1 lb. of baby shrimp?

I had a misunderstanding about an Instacart order and I now have 1 lb. of 70 count shrimp. Ideas for uses? I need to use them today and I am only cooking for myself and my husband tonight. Of course that's a lot of food for two so if it's a recipe that can translate into lunch for the next day that would be helpful as I hate to be wasteful. Thanks!

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Kristen W. September 10, 2015
Love it - Grapefruit Corpse Vinaigrette!
PieceOfLayerCake September 9, 2015
Sauté or grill them and throw them in a salad with bitter greens, grapefruit segments, pine nuts or almonds and avocado and make a dressing with the grapefruit zest, juice from the grapefruit "corpse" (term for that?), and olive oil.
HalfPint September 9, 2015
Here's my recipe for a shrimp & pepperoncini salad.
Smaug September 8, 2015
I usually use them for shrimp cakes.
inpatskitchen September 8, 2015
Make shrimp salad sandwiches on croissants:

No need to chop the shrimp and if you like, use regular mayo instead f the white bean one.
sexyLAMBCHOPx September 8, 2015
okonomiyaki, shrimp burgers, fried rice...
C S. September 8, 2015
There is a recipe on this site for Greek style shrimp in tomato sauce. I make something similar and it is fantastic, you can just use the tiny shrimp as you would any other shrimp. They are also good to top a salad, or with a little mayo and cocktail sauce as a sandwich filling or you can use them in a shrimp chowder. Really they can be used anywhere you would use any shrimp.
702551 September 8, 2015
I'd separate into smaller portions and freeze some for future use.

There are hundreds of thousands of use for small shrimp. Fried rice, tacos, omelettes, salads are a few off the top of my head. It really depends on what you like. Shrimp will stand in for a lot of protein.
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