Substituting soy mayonnaise for Greek yogurt to make creamed spinach. Think it would work?



Maedl September 12, 2015
Try sauteeing chopped garlic, pine nuts and raisins in olive oil, then adding fresh spinach and cook only a few more minutes until it is tender. Why try to replicate something with inappropriate ingredients when you can just find a different recipe?
Smaug September 11, 2015
HalfPint September 11, 2015
@dotparker, I don't think it would work with soy mayo, but it will probably work with regular mayo (made with eggs). A friend developed a recipe for spinach phyllo cups that uses mayo as the 'cream' element and it's delicious. Does not taste like mayo at all.
dotparker September 11, 2015
Thanks Susan. Yes, I don't not eat any animal or animal by products. Among a zillion other reasons, I just don't think that anyone w/ any alternative nutrition source should harm any sentient being.
dotparker September 11, 2015
Thanks Cav. I agree w/ U. I was trying to change things up for my son, but I just love it steamed w/ lots of lemon and a spray of evoo
Cav September 11, 2015
Another agreement here. I'd suggest that instead of looking to sub cream or yogurt, you consider just having spinach. It doesn't need help to be tasty.
Susan W. September 11, 2015
I totally agree with the other posters. I think it would be an epic fail. Very oily. Are you trying to avoid dairy? If so, coconut milk in a can makes a good creamed spinach.
dotparker September 11, 2015
Thank U for all for Ur answers. Everyone is always so helpful here. I greatly appreciate it. I was thinking about matching the texture and I thought the mayo would have a similar texture to the yogurt. Thanks again, Sincerely, Kathy Collins
nutcakes September 11, 2015
No. That sounds super gross, spinach in mayo. Does that mayo have egg? What are the constraints? I don't use yogurt to make that, I use cream. I can see yogurt if it is a cold dish.
souptastic September 11, 2015
I would vote no, it will taste like mayo rather than a cream substitute. I would use a cashew cream.
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