Why does the white rice at my Spanish food takeout spot taste so good? It can't be Sazon seasoning mix or stock. Could it be butter, MSG per

Is it a medium grain rice?

James Durazzo


Sam1148 September 13, 2015
Adobo powder https://jet.com/product/product/44123d9fb054425cb03d8598d952d91b?jcmp=pla:ggl:food_beverages_tobacco_a2:food_items_seasonings_spices_a2_other:na:na:na:na:na:2&code=PLA15&k_clickid=aae8a4a6-af2b-4557-a6a2-4dd3705e1768&kpid=44123d9fb054425cb03d8598d952d91b&gclid=CP6t-qv69McCFYcdgQodOTkA_A
Susan W. September 12, 2015
My rice life changed after I bought Diana Kennedy's first Mexican cookbook back in the eighties. I'm from San Diego and could never figure out why the rice in the good Mexican restaurants and taco joints tasted so good. The trick is the soaking, rinsing and toasting the rice in oil. The only differences in this posted recipe and the original are that Diana uses 1/3 cup oil which you spoon out after the rice toasts. Using less oil works, but don't skimp. You're almost frying the rice. Also, add the garlic after the rice is toasted in the oil or it may brown too much. I skip the frozen vegetables. Diana Kennedy doesn't use them in her recipe.
scruz September 14, 2015
i fried my rice in a fair amount of oil and then strained it out before adding water. i also put some garlic and onion in rice with frying it so the oil, which a have saved, is flavored. the rice turned out just like a mexican restaurant and looked identical too. it was excellent. thanks for posting that.
Susan W. September 14, 2015
Scrub, great idea to save the oil. I cut it down and the rice wasn't as good. Straining and saving is a much better way to go.
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