Can I substitute short grain brown rice for short grain white rice

I am making a stuffed zucchini recipe that calls for short grain white rice. I only have short grain brown rice. Can I substitute? And if so, how can I tweak the recipe? The recipe requires the zucchini to stew for 2-3 hours. And I need to start it now for it to be ready for company tonight!!

  • Posted by: Sweets
  • July 11, 2015


Sweets July 12, 2015
Update: I didn't end up making the recipe-too much of a time crunch. But the recipe I was considering was from Plenty More.
Susan W. July 12, 2015
Glad things worked out. Leave it to Otto to have an out of the box recipe.
BurntCream July 11, 2015
Brown rice generally just takes longer to cook than white, however 2-3 hours would be plenty!
Susan W. July 11, 2015
I can't imagine stewing zucchini for 2-3 hours. I also have never heard of stewing stuffed zucchini. It's usually roasted. If the rice is precooked, they are interchangeable. A link to the recipe would help us help you.
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