A time-sensitive question about rice. Please read.

Help! I dropped my brand-new Verizon iPhone in the toilet (important safety tip kids, don’t text and pee at the same time) and it got... well, soaked.

I’ve heard that the best way to dry it out is to bury it in rice for a day or two. So... what kind of rice?

I’ve have basmati and brown -- do I need to go out to the store for white rice? Does it matter if it’s short grain or long grain? And does anyone have a good recipe for the rice after I'm done drying out the phone?



Jean |. April 3, 2011
Please never phone ME from the toilet!
susan G. April 1, 2011
When the rice has done its work, put in a low oven long enough to de-contaminate it. Then cook it up in the regular way. Then put it in the oven again, long enough to dry out completely. At this point you can use it as packing material for delicate items you are shipping, like ostrich eggs.
mrslarkin April 1, 2011
Uggh. I hate when that happens. No sense in throwing away perfectly good rice...it's so wasteful. My phone dries out the best with short grain brown rice - it's healthier. When the phone is dry, place the rice in a fine-meshed sieve and give it a good rinse under the tap to wash away any excess starch, and other stuff. Then away you go. Here's a whole host of rice recipes you can peruse while your phone is drying out: http://www.food52.com/recipes/search?recipe_search=rice
Jacqui5254 April 1, 2011
Hi! In answer to your question...which type of rice..well..think about which is the most absorbent. Answer is that they all take the same amount ot water if, like me, you use the 2 cups of water to one cup of rice absorption method [foolproof!].However, they all take different lengths of time to cook so maybe you should go for the fastest absorption!...Basmati takes 10 mins, brown takes 25/30 mins and red rice a bit longer. SO use basmati. And as for what to do with it, well, as the phone was in the toilet I would throw the rice away. Then pour yourself a martini. Enjoy! Jacqui.x
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