Should I get certified as a Personal Chef?

I have worked in the culinary industry since graduating from a certificate program in 2005. Periodically during the last 10 years I've worked as a personal chef for various families and I realize this is where my true passion lies!
I am curious as to the benefit/necessity of getting certified as a personal chef through one of the official organizations. And if this IS beneficial, how do I choose an organization to join??
Anyone have experience or advice to share? Thank you!

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1 Comment

Susan W. September 12, 2015
When I first started my personal chef biz after selling my catering company, I became certified through USPCA. To be honest, there wasn't much benefit beyond the advertising bonus with the logo and access to very good items like containers etc. The recipe books were definitely not geared for my clientele. Seminars were fun just to brainstorm with other PC's across the country. What would you be looking to gain? Here is a link in case you'd like to check them out.
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